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Amber will be speaking at the Sacramento Growth Conference on February 15, 2019.

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Farewell My Loves Reviews:

“The theme the author chose to write about is definitely an interesting and timely one. Farman manages to clearly convey a strong message throughout her book. This story forces the reader to put themselves in the shoes of each character and question what we would do if presented with challenges/opportunities similar to those faced by the characters in this story. While ‘Farewell My Loves’ could easily be a standalone book, I can also appreciate how and why the author has chosen to continue Meredith’s journey. This book contains strong undertones of religion, mortality and the need to feel connected. Meredith’s story is one of devastation, hope, and bravery. Her journey is inspiring, and I would expect this story to appeal to any reader. I look forward to reading more of Meredith’s journey as well as other future works from this author.”

— Kat Madison, San Diego

“Farewell My Loves is a page turner! I was unable to put it down, the characters loved so deeply and was explained in a way that made you feel as if you were there living right along with Meredith. Share all the pain, joy, love, sorrow and hurt as I did as you fly through this book. A true to life love story with twists and turns that will make you wonder. Cannot wait to read again!”

 -Jesika Moore, Loomis CA 

“Incredibly imaginative even with a somewhat controversial/delicate subject matter; a book that is very emotional and hard to put down.  I say ‘bravo’ to this first-time published author.”

—Patricia Sims Robbins

Format: Paperback

I have to say that FAREWELL MY LOVES by author Amber Farman is nothing like I expected. In fact, I would say it is better.

She is able to take you into these characters that are so well developed and so US—that the reader can’t help but to put themselves in the various situations, feeling what they feel and having to consider what they would do in each circumstance.

Meredith Matthews is the principal character initially, and the authors allows us to see how her life unfolded after some devestating news. Along the journey is her family and her desire to make sure they are cared for, but when Clare enters the picture no one could have expected what happens next.

This book is all about living life and being able to love life, even when it takes us down a path we weren’t expecting. It is also about trusting yourself to do what is right, even when you’re not entirely sure what that might be.

If you are looking for a book that is sure to push you out of your comfort zone and engage you along the way then FAREWELL MY LOVES is for you.

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Media Schedule


Mon. Jan. 12                          Loomis News ~ In-person interview ~ Loomis, CA

11:00am PT                            553 F Street – Lincoln, CA

                                                Contact/Reporter: Carol Percy

                                                Carol Direct: 916-774-7967


Jan. 31-Feb 5                         Guatemala “Mothers For Humanity”


Mon. Feb. 9                            WBCR 1410 AM ~ Taped phoner ~ Knoxville, TN

8:00am-8:30 am PT

                                                Host/Contact: Dr. Winn Henderson

                                                Show: “Share Your Mission”

                                                Interview will air TBA.


Wed. Feb. 11                          WSGE FM ~ Taped phoner ~ Charlotte, NC

1:00pm-1:15 pm PT

                                                Host/Contact: Randy Walker

                                                Show: “Consider This”


Fri. Feb. 13                            KEEL AM ~ Taped phoner ~ Shreveport, LA

7:00am-8:00 am PT

                                                Host/Contact: David McMillian

                                                Show: “Strategies for Living”

Fri. Feb. 13                            KAHI 950 AM ~ LIVE phoner ~ Sacramento, CA

12:30pm-12:35 pm PT

                                                 Host/Contact: Mary Jane Popp

                                                Show: “Noon News”


Sat. Feb. 14                            Launch Party

7:30pm-10:00 pm PT             Rail Bridge Penthouse Tasting Room

                                                921 11th Street – Sacramento 95814

Sun. Feb. 15                          Official Book Launch


Mon. Feb. 16                          WOCA AM ~ LIVE phoner ~ Ocala, FL

6:35am-7:00 am PT

                                                Producer/Co-Host/Contact: Robin MacBlane

                                                Host: Larry Whittler

                                                Show: “AM Ocala Live”

Fri. Feb. 20                            KMA AM/FM ~ LIVE phoner ~ Shenandoah, IA

6:45am-6:55 am PT

                                                Producer/Contact: Hilda Long

                                                Host: Dean and Don

                                                Show: “”Dean & Don Show”


Mon. Feb. 23                          KJAN AM ~ LIVE phoner ~ Atlantic, IA

7:45am-7:55 am PT               Host/Contact: LaVon Eblen

                                                Show: “Backyard and Beyond”


Mon. Feb. 23                          KKNW AM ~ LIVE phoner ~ Seattle, WA

12:30pm-1:00 pm PT             Host/Contact: Vicki St. Clair

                                                Show: “Conversations Live”



Wed. Feb. 25                          WCXZ AM ~ LIVE phoner ~ Knoxville, TN

5:30am-5:45 am PT

                                                Host/Contact: Tom Amis

                                                Show: “Amis in the Morning” 

Mon. March 9                       KKNW AM ~ LIVE phoner ~ Seattle, WA 


                                                                 Host/Contact: Dr. Pat Baccili

                                                                  Show: “The Dr. Pat Show”

Mon. March 9                       Security Guy Radio ~ Taped phoner ~ Podcast

12:30pm-1:30 pm

Host/Contact: Chuck Harold


Thurs. March 12                   Beyond 50 Radio ~ LIVE phoner ~ Internet Radio

9:00am-9:30* am PT

                                                Producer/Contact: Joy Davis

                                                Host: Daniel Davis