Unveiling the Masks

A Video Series by Author Amber Geiss

Welcome to my website! My name is Amber Geiss (formerly Amber Farman) and I am a proud mother of four, author, Early Childhood advocate, speaker, spiritual coach and now I guess web series host!

"Wish It, Dream It, Do It!" has always been my life motto or at least for the past fifteen years. Do you have dreams? Passions and Goals? Not sure how or what to do to obtain those dreams?

Are you struggling in your faith or life in general? Need someone to encourage you and lift you up?

Do you have a personal story of triumph? If any of this resonates with you I would love to hear from you!

More info coming as I revamp this website!!

Cheers to life, cheers to dreams and cheers to never being too late to start again!

- Amber

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